Definitely Different

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TV series and online channel

– in development


Broadcast series with scope to be developed into a branded online channel and potential for promotion through a range of live events.


Definitely Different reveals the maverick traits in society. The key factor is authenticity, with each subject explored through a highly engaging real life figure that lives and breathes the theme. It is a scalable format which can be extended across a number of series.



Definitely Different characters



Each episode sets out to discover what lies behind one of our alternative archetypes. We meet the living precedent who then becomes our guide to trace the tradition and its resonance today. Two lines of enquiry are played out: firstly, exploration of the real life character through following their colourful lifestyle; secondly, research into their background as revealed through a varied mix of archive material. The fascinating images and objects encountered along the way form part of the fabric of the world our characters inhabit as we bring life to history.


All subjects are captivating figures combining larger-than-life personality with remarkable lifestyle. Each seems quite unique when you first meet them, but is then shown to come from a long tradition which is very much a by-product of society. All is revealed as their character is explored…


“What is different? What is the same?”


The Dandy

The Definitely Different formula can be applied to a multitude of subjects across different cultural strands. The launch series will be drawn from the colourful world of underground performers, which is currently attracting so much public interest through the resurgence of cabaret and neo-burlesque. Alongside tackling issues of marginalisation and diversity, it also presents the universally engaging themes of beauty, talent, sex, and eccentricity.



Here’s a short promo previewing one of six characters from the first series.


The Lifestyle Twins: Personality & appearance

– featuring the Broken Hearts




(A longer version of the promo is available here)


Other characters from the first series include:


The Showgirl: Show & seduction

– featuring Miss Polly Rae


The Dandy: Appearance & aesthetics

– featuring Mr David Carter


Living Circus: Character & illusion

– featuring Empress Stah


The Fallen Angel: Performance & acceptability

– featuring Elena Gibson


The Broken Doll: Beauty & restraint

– featuring Viktoria Modesta



Definitely Different project



Definitely Different has further potential to be developed into a cutting edge cultural brokerage, connecting the mainstream public to niche content and commodities.


Our countercultural celebrities act as alternative ‘brand ambassadors’ to a diverse range of content. They bring authenticity to help seed the community, providing potential to grow following from an infinite number of niche tribes. Each channel is promoted virally online through a series of short ‘webisodes’ allowing people to discover what lies behind the lifestyle choices of our alternative archetypes. Our insider guides introduce us to their own personal cultural treasure troves: from clothes and objects, to artists and makers, to places and events.


Each subject has potential to evolve into a distinct and dynamic online channel, promoting public understanding through cultural and commercial exchange.