There is a gap between the way culture is traditionally communicated and people’s everyday lives.


Contemporary Vintage fills that gap by connecting people to culture in ways that are relevant to them.

What we do

We make cultural content interesting to today’s audience…



Our projects inhabit the space where lifestyle and heritage overlap, sparking new perspectives and reinforcing audience relationships.


We understand how to match strategic organisational objectives to the changing demands of public taste.

How we do it

We use a variety of platforms to reach people in different ways…



We combine digital, broadcast and experiential media to reach both mass and niche audiences.


We create experiences that take people seamlessly from the real to the virtual, offering content in the way that is right for them.

Who we do it for

We enable links between cultural and commercial brands…

We communicate cultural content and commercial brand values in a way that is sensitive to both.


We create a deeper relationship with the public, extending audience reach and maximizing value.