Project Dream

An appointment with your future…

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Immersive experience

– past project


A project to inspire public imagination and encourage personal ambition.


“We must begin to build up the
ornamental part of life”

– William Morris


Project Dream encourages the public to nurture the ‘ornamental’ part of their lives by creating an immersive theatre space that invites them to reconnect to their hopes, dreams and ambitions. It is being rolled out through a series of intimate pop-up experiences at festivals and other cultural gatherings.




In summer 2012 ’50p Dream’ was commissioned by Wilderness Festival as a mysterious midnight pop-up on their central bandstand. It offered a magical moment within the hubbub, inviting festival goers to take time out to reflect and make an intimate contract with themselves in relation to their future.


Building on this success, we were commissioned by Wellcome Collection to produce ‘Immortal Dreams’. This was staged as part of a Friday night late event to coincide with their exhibition ‘Death: A Self Portrait’. The aim was to invite the public to explore their life ambitions in relation to the inevitability of death.



“Thank you so much for participating in


Seize the Day and making it such a success”


– Wellcome Collection



’50p Dream’ and ‘Immortal Dreams’ were extremely popular, with both attracting booked out attendances. The public were highly responsive in revealing their innermost thoughts, with many moved to tears. Over the course of both productions audiences were offered the opportunity to reconnect to their hearts’ desire, recommit themselves to long held ambitions and re-imagine more positive lives to come.



“Very moving”




“It’s changed my life”


“Thought provoking”




– Audiences