Ultimate Rock Style

A stylistic backstage tour…

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Event series with broadcast partnership

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British Music Experience logoAimed at a youth audience and designed to explore the important relationship between fashion and music.


A season of televised public events focusing on the range of backstage artists who put the ‘rock’ into the style of our best loved music stars. The finale brings the artists together to assemble all the elements for the public to create their own ‘ultimate rock style’.


Ultimate Rock Style



Kylie costume designed by Fee Doran

The frock ‘n’ roll designer Fee Doran has been designing hipper than hip clothes from a hundred headlines, from Kylie’s infamous white hooded catsuit, Goldfrapp’s ‘pony’ tails and the Scissor Sisters gender bending outré numbers.







Madonna with boots by Terry de Havilland

The rock ‘n’ sole cobbler Terry de Havilland has been designing and making stage diva heels from 70s legends such as Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Bianca and Mick Jagger through to today’s biggest stars such as Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Florence and the Machine.






Lady Gaga hair by Charles Le Mindu

The rock ‘n’ rollers hairdresser Charlie le Mindu at the tender age of just 23 has been creating gravity-defying, hair raising antics for headline grabbing stars such as Lady Gaga and Peaches.








Beth Ditto styled by Johnny Blue Eyes

The rock ‘n’ role stylist Johnny Blue Eyes has been styling attention grabbing ‘looks’ for music videos and magazine shoots for the best in today’s hot new talents such as The Gossip, The Mystery Jets, Klaxons and CSS.








The finale event with dress-up DJs the Broken Hearts is themed as the ultimate backstage party, bringing all the insider artists together for the public to create their own ‘ultimate rock style’.


Broken Hearts DJing



“The Broken Hearts lead a new wave of female DJ groups who look and sound great”


– Elle






Proposed in partnership with Sky Arts and the British Music Experience at the O2 in London’s Docklands.