Get Closer to Kylie

Undressing the princess of pop…

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Viral campaign for museum exhibition

– past project


V&A logoWe developed a digital viral campaign to promote the V&A’s Kylie exhibition in 2007, which went on to be incredibly well attended attracting over 250,000 visitors.



Get Closer to Kylie interactive



Key press and opinion formers were sent out a mysterious box containing a small transparency and magnifying glass. The transparency revealed the details of an unexpected upcoming show at the V&A and the handle of the magnifying glass invited them to


The exhibition was significant in marking the return of the Theatre and Performance Collections to the V&A from the Theatre Museum site in Covent Garden. It needed a marketing twist to set it apart from the more traditional museum programme and make it clear that it set out to appeal to a different audience.



“Art is what you like or what you don’t like”


– Kylie


This deliciously voyeuristic viral encourages you to explore Kylie’s lavish costumes in detail with a click of the mouse. Keep clicking and you’ll get even closer to reveal costume information and design detail.


The interactive was developed with leading digital agency Poke.